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Our alumni work as Founders, CFOs, Investment Bankers, and Market Leaders at the best companies in the world

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Why this 21-Day Spoken English Club will be Transformational for you?

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Who Is This Spoken English Club For?


Students & Professionals


Students & Professionals


Students & Professionals

Enroll Now @ ₹2499 ₹19999

Why You Must Invest In
Mastering Spoken English Skills?

Faster career growth

Organizations highly value professionals with good communication skills along with technical skills.

Improvement of knowledge and understanding

Lots of advance learning material, content is in English. English eliminates the barrier to knowledge sharing and learning worldwide.

Easily connect with the corporate world

Building connections requires a medium. English is a medium that will connect you to the corporate world.

Influence people better

Effective communication helps you build

Build better interpersonal relations

Instead of just shallow small talks, good communication skills help you make more deeper connections

Unlock leadership opportunities

Leadership is about communicating your vision, motivating the team and taking them along. Good communication skills can drastically help.

Enroll Now @ ₹2499 ₹19999


Duration: 4 Days A Week, For 21 Days

Sessions Topic 1 - Vocab Topic 2 - Grammar Topic 3- Communication (Speaking, Listening, Writing, Comprehending)
19th Jan Personality types Parts of Speech Introduction
20th Jan Subject Experts Sentence Structure Conversation in a bank, airport, entertainment, sports
23rd Jan Compliments Articles Group Discussion
25th Jan Action words Pronouns Expressing thoughts and feelings
• expressing agreement or disagreement
• expressing views and feelings
• stating knowledge or ignorance of something or someone
• stating and asking about the ability or inability to do something
• seeking, granting, or denying permission
• expressing wishes
• expressing a preference
• expressing likes and dislikes
• offering and accepting an apology
27th Jan Action words Verbs including Modals Exchanging Information and opinions
30th Jan Speech habits Tenses Writing an email
31st Jan Speech habits Tenses Reporting a crisis/conflict
1st Feb Idioms and phrases Tenses Case discussion
2nd Feb Idioms and phrases Prepositions Paraphrasing/Summarising from an editorial
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Why Should You Attend This Spoken English Club NOW?

Early Mover Advantage
Ample time to practice and improve
Have Multiple Offers Before Campus Placements
Avoid Random Youtube Videos
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What will you learn in this Masterclass?

Communicate Powerfully

Learn How to Communicate Powerfully with your colleagues & boss through Verbal & Non-Verbal Behaviors like Hand-Shake & Eye-Contact.

Build Influence

Learn the Art of Influencing minds around you with these battle-tested strategies from the best in the field.

Master Presentation Skills

Ace the Ultimate way of getting up the corporate ladder by having 3 distinctive presentation skills.

People Management

Win in your workplace by having excellent people management skills inside of your team.

Communication Scenarios

Figure out what to do in the most awkward & frustrating situations in workplaces.

Charismatic Personality

Learn the right balance between Competence & People Skills to tune up your charisma for a better career.

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Please Check All Boxes Where Your Answer Is YES!

If your answer to any of these questions is YES, Then this is the best place to learn & improve your Communication skills

Personal Mentoring from Expert

Our mentor Mrs. Neelima is a leading expert with 10+ yrs of experience and a record of training more than 9,000+ professionals from top-tier Institutes and Companies.

Practice what you Learn

Through our carefully designed practice assignments and live sessions, we ensure that you learn and practice the skills on a regular basis.

Get personal feedback

Keeping the batch size limited helps the mentor to give you personal feedback and keep a track of your progress throughout the course.

Apply your skills in a Group

Practice speaking in our regular group discussions where you can debate and discuss to improve your skills and boost confidence in public speaking.

Lifetime Access to Resources

Become a lifetime member of the CA Monk Communications Club and gain access to unlimited resources designed for you.

Supportive & Interactive Community

You’ll find a group of super-supportive peers who will root for your success without the fear of being judged.

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Unlock bonuses worth ₹8,000

E-Books Worth ₹2000

Lifetime free access to Public Speaking E-Books

Self-Improvement E-Books Worth ₹2000

Lifetime free access to 10 self-improvement Books Pdf.

51 Power Words Worth ₹2000

51 Power Words For Better Vocabulary

Audio Affirmations Worth ₹2000

Audio Affirmations To Boost Self-Confidence
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How This Course Will Benefit You 👇

Speak English fluently and excel in your Career
Simple and practical techniques to speak fluent English easily
Concise assignments for English-speaking practice
Fix common English Grammar errors in verbal and written communication
Fix common English pronunciation mistakes and speak English confidently
Develop English communication skills for a meeting, interviews, and other interactions
Improve your articulation skills and build confidence to express your views
Improve listening skills to comprehend others
Enroll Now @ ₹2499 ₹19999

Meet Your Trainer

Dr Neelima Jaisinghani

FDP - IIM Indore | PhD (English)

Hello, I am Neelima, a Corporate Communications and Verbal Aptitude Trainer, and your Communications Mentor.

Having personally trained 9000+ professionals and 20+ years of experience, I can understand the pain of starting on this communication improvement journey.

It is difficult to find right guidance with personal feedback, right peer group who is supportive, and hands-on practice sessions implement learnings.

With right guidance, practice and peer-group I am sure you are bound to succeed.

And I look forward to seeing you inside this on this journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Effective communication is a process of exchanging ideas, thoughts, knowledge, and information, which is beneficial to achieve the desired business goals.

  • Clear message, relevant message, confidence, tonality, depth, etc., are the characteristics of effective communication.

  • Individuals who hold the required skills and knowledge of effective communication skills can get higher rank in companies and get paid more than any average professional working in any field.

  • This course will help you get started from scratch. Right from building a right mindset to helping you gain confidence. Along with that we focus on vocabulary, grammar, tonality, peer-to-peer practice, personal feedback, group discussions, case studies and a lot more. This course will also improve your listening and critical thinking skills.

  • This course is for anyone who wants to seriously improve their communication skills. We take you from the beginner level to the advanced level with comfortable pace,

  • The times will be and date for the Foundation Module session will be decided by you. You can choose any date and time of your choice. Our mentors are available between 9AM to 10PM.

Enroll Now @ ₹2499 ₹19999