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Empower Your Career With

Launch Your Tax Career

Perfect for beginners, our course is your entry into the tax profession, establishing a strong foundation.

Master Essential Skills

Acquire high-demand GST and taxation skills, staying ahead in your career since GST's inception in 2017.

Learn from PwC Experts

Benefit from PwC's vast taxation expertise, learning from industry leaders for real-world application.

Gain Full Tax Insights

Delve into indirect tax intricacies, covering basics to advanced concepts for diverse roles.

Flexible & Convenient Learning

Learn at your pace with our flexible online modules, fitting seamlessly into your busy life.

Propel Your Career Forward

Completion opens doors to accounting and tax roles, enhancing your resume with specialized indirect taxation knowledge.

Register Now @ ₹3999 + GST  ₹9999

Masterclass Curriculum

Course 1

Genesis and Imposition of GST

Explore the origins and imposition of Goods and Services Tax (GST). Gain insights into the historical context and the foundational principles that led to the introduction of GST.

Course 2 

GST Payment Essentials

Delve into the intricacies of GST payment – understanding when, where, who, and how much to pay. Uncover the practical aspects of GST transactions and payment obligations.

Course 3

Using input tax credit in GST

Master the art of leveraging Input Tax Credit (ITC) in the GST framework. Understand how to optimize tax benefits through effective ITC utilization.

Course 4

Undertaking compliances under GST

Navigate the landscape of compliances under GST. Learn the essential tasks and obligations involved in ensuring adherence to GST regulations.

Course 5

Export, zero-rated and job work under GST

Explore the nuances of export transactions, zero-rated supplies, and job work under GST. Understand the complexities and compliance requirements associated with these scenarios.

Course 6

Invoicing Compliances under GST

Delve into the world of invoicing compliances under GST. Master the intricacies of creating accurate and compliant invoices to meet GST requirements.

Course 7

Audit, assessment and litigation under GST

Gain expertise in handling audit processes, assessments, and litigation matters under GST. Understand the procedures and strategies to navigate these critical aspects.

Course 8

Introduction to Customs and Foreign Trade Policy

Get introduced to Customs and the Foreign Trade Policy. Explore the fundamental principles and regulations governing customs duties and international trade policies.

Course 9

Customs - Classification and valuation

Understand the essentials of customs, focusing on classification and valuation processes. Grasp the critical aspects of determining the right customs classification and valuation.

Course 10

Free Trade Agreements and Special Economic Zone

Explore Free Trade Agreements (FTAs) and Special Economic Zones (SEZs). Understand the benefits, regulations, and compliance requirements associated with these economic zones and trade agreements.


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Indirect Taxation Masterclass By PwC

  • Dive into indirect taxation for finance, tax, or law careers.
  • Learn from PwC experts for practical insights.
  • Master essential tax skills, including GST and compliance.
  • Enhance job prospects with vital indirect tax skills.
  • Get certified by PwC and CA Monk.
Register Now @ ₹3999 + GST  ₹9999


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  • Irrespective of which industry you want to build your career in, this course will help you obtain all the required skills for an entry -level job in the fields of finance, tax or law in India.

  • Although all basic concepts are covered from both the GST and Customs front, it would be helpful if you are familiar with other concepts such as basic numeric calculations, MS Excel skills and the concepts of purchase, sale, receipts and payments.

  • The course is set in a particular order, and it is recommended to follow the same as each module forms a base for the next one.

  • If you want to apply for an entry-level job in the fields of finance, tax or law, the skills provided in this course are a basic requirement. This program helps you acquire all the job-ready indirect tax skills required for any type of career.