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Live Financial Modeling Workshop 

Instructor: CA Shivam Palan

₹1999 ₹4999
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SAP FICO For Beginners For Freshers

Instructor: Kundan Kumar

₹399 ₹999
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Microsoft Excel: Zero To Hero

Instructor: Pukhraj Parikh

₹399 ₹999
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SQL Masterclass: SQL For Data Analytics

Instructor: Pukhraj Parikh

₹399 ₹999
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Google Data Studio A-Z For Data Visualization

Instructor: Pukhraj Parikh

₹399 ₹999
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The Complete Technical Analysis

Instructor: Sanjit Prasad

₹399 ₹999
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All Our Most Popular Courses In 1

This skill development package includes all of our most popular skill development courses.

Make Yourself More Valuable

By enrolling in this package You will gain knowledge about the most in-demand skills that are essential in the current job market.

Bang For Your Buck Courses

By enrolling in the package you won't just save some money but also get the utmost value for your money.

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You will receive a certificate of completion, which you can share with your friends, co-workers, and potential employers!

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What Our Students Have To Say

Pavan K

Thank you, Pavan and CA Monk for this course. The course is excellent and easy to understand each and every topic.

Akash P.

Lecture Videos are not too long, therefore making it easier to understand the information and also very great explanation by the tutor, point-to-point explanation, overall great course

Arumugavela M.

I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn Power BI from scratch. Mr. Pavan delivered the course with a good explanation, simple examples, and data resources for our practices. Thank you, Pavan and CA Monk Team

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • The skill development package includes all of our most popular skill development courses. By purchasing this package, you may save a lot of money because you won't have to pay for each course separately.

  • The Skill Development Package includes all of our most well-liked popular skill development courses, such as

    • 1. Live Financial Modeling Workshop
    • 2. Microsoft Excel Zero To Hero
    • 3. SQL For Data Analytics
    • 4. SAP FICO For Beginners
    • 5. Google Data Studio For Data Visualization
    • 6. The Complete Technical Analysis - Candle Stick Trading.
  • You can save some money by enrolling in this package, insteading of purchasing every single course. In addition you can master all the most in-demand skills to land a well paying corporate job.

Enroll Now @ ₹3749 ₹9999