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CA Aditya Agarwal
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Empower Your Career With Management Consulting Masterclass

Unlock Strategic Thinking

Hone strategic thinking to drive organizational success with our Management Consulting course.

Diverse Career Opportunities

Access dynamic roles in strategy, finance, and operations through our skills-focused course.

Real-World Problem Solving

Gain hands-on experience applying practical solutions to business challenges.

Enhance Decision-Making Skills

Elevate decision-making with expert insights and tools for impactful choices.

Leadership Development

Enhance your leadership capabilities by learning to guide teams and organizations through strategic challenges, fostering growth and innovation.

Accelerate Career Growth

Fast-track your career with skills from our Management Consulting course, unlocking promotions and new opportunities.

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Meet Your Trainer


Hello there, I am CA Aditya Agarwal.

 ISB MBA 2022 | CA 2018

"I'm a Management Consultant specializing in Finance and Strategy. I completed Chartered Accountancy in 2018 and gained significant experience at Grant Thornton Kolkata. As a former Management Trainee at Britannia, I enhanced operational efficiencies, improving receivables by 40%. Holding an MBA in Strategy and Finance from ISB, I secured offers from Accenture Strategy, Alvarez and Marsal, Amazon, and Nykaa.

Since 2022, I've contributed to diverse performance improvement and restructuring projects at Alvarez and Marsal. Alongside my professional journey, I'm committed to mentoring aspiring Chartered Accountants, leveraging my own experiences.

With my expertise and dedication, I'm here to guide you on a transformative journey in Management Consulting. Let's unlock your true potential together. "

Career Opportunities You Can Grab

Management Consultant

Strategy Analyst

Financial Consultant

Operations Consultant

Business Analyst

Project Manager

Risk Consultant

IT Consultant

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Masterclass Curriculum

Part 1

Introduction to Consulting

Explore fundamental concepts, laying the groundwork for your understanding of the consulting industry.

Part 2 

MECE Thinking and Case Frameworks

Dive into MECE thinking, acquiring tools and skills for effective problem-solving in consulting, including case frameworks and guesstimates.

Part 3

Case Frameworks and Skill Application

Reinforce MECE principles, engage in practical learning through sample cases, and refine your approach to complex business challenges.

Part 4

Building a Resume + Cover Letter Guidance

Craft an impactful resume and cover letter tailored for the consulting industry.

Part 5

Interview Strategies and Case Framework Mastery

Learn strategic approaches for successful consulting interviews, encompassing behavioral and case interview techniques, and master the final stages of case frameworks.

Part 6

Case Books

Access valuable case books from esteemed institutions like IIM A, ISB, and FMS to enhance your case-solving skills.

Immerse in Real-Life Consulting Challenges
With Capstone Projects

Project Overview

Embark on the capstone, bridging theory and practice in the Management Consulting course.

Reading Material & Technical Guide

Access curated resources and a guide for honing analytical skills crucial for consulting.

Tasks: Guesstimate, Market Entry, Profitability

Engage in practical problem-solving, addressing guesstimates, market entry, and profitability.

Knowledge Testing & Solutions

Assess understanding through tasks and access detailed solutions for reinforced learning.

Final Assessment

Conclude with a comprehensive evaluation of your consulting strategy proficiency.

Expert Session & Mock Interviews

Gain insights from an industry expert, refining communication and problem-solving through mock interviews.

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Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹10,000


Worth ₹1,800

101 curated consulting interview questions.


Worth ₹2,200

Tackle real-world consulting challenges.


Worth ₹1,400

Work with authentic industry papers.


Worth ₹1,600

Gain industry recognition for finance skills.


Worth ₹1,800

Expert-guided practice sessions.


Worth ₹1,200

Tailored for success in the Consulting domain.

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Who is this Masterclass for?



Enhances practical consulting skills, aiding in complex decision-making and professional growth in consulting roles.

B.Com / BBA

Bridges academic theory with practical consulting applications, preparing students for a career in consulting.

Finance Pros

Deepens understanding of consulting and regulatory frameworks, essential for navigating professional consulting landscapes.


Level up your career with CA Monk’s
Industry- Recognized Certification.

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Let's Recap


Financial Planning & Analysis Masterclass

  • Grasp key concepts in finance and accounting.
  • Learn to analyze financial health using ratios.
  • Gain insights into managing and optimizing cash flow.
  • Understand regulatory challenges in finance.
  • Enhance learning with practical examples.
  • Equip yourself with skills for career advancement.
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  • A Management Consulting course equips you with essential skills, frameworks, and real-world problem-solving techniques, enhancing your ability to tackle complex business challenges. Completing the course can open doors to various roles within the consulting industry.

  • Yes, This course include practical case studies. The curriculum is designed to align with industry demands, providing you with hands-on experience and relevant skills.

  • Yes, This courses provide a valuable bridge between academic knowledge and practical skills, preparing you for a successful career in consulting.

  • Yes, This course provide a certificate of completion. This certificate serves as a recognized credential, showcasing your commitment to professional development in the field.

  • Yes, the skills acquired in a Management Consulting course, such as problem-solving, strategic thinking, and effective communication, are transferable to various industries. The versatile nature of these skills enhances your professional adaptability.

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