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Empower Your Career With Finance Masterclass

Unlock Advanced Financial Strategies

Elevate your Chartered Accountant expertise with our Finance Masterclass, mastering risk management for career success.

Strategic Financial Leadership for CAs

Refine technical skills and cultivate strategic leadership in our Masterclass to become an influential finance professional.

Navigate Regulatory Challenges Easily

Stay ahead in finance, gain insights into the latest regulations, and safeguard financial integrity effortlessly.

Master FinTech for CAs

Embrace the digital revolution with our Finance Masterclass, gaining hands-on experience with cutting-edge technologies.

Unveil Global Financial Perspectives

Prepare for a global finance career with our Masterclass, exploring international markets and developing a global mindset.

Craft Your Finance Career Roadmap

Design your path to success with our exclusive Masterclass for Chartered Accountants, receiving personalized guidance for a fulfilling finance career.

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Meet Your Trainer


Hello there, I am CA Shivam Palan.

 Ex Ey | 4+ Years of Experience 

"I'm CA Shivam Palan, your dedicated guide on this educational journey. Along with the prestigious Chartered Accountant title, setting the stage for my lifelong passion: teaching. With a diverse career spanning mid-tier firms, Big 4 giants, and innovative startups across cities, My passion for teaching has empowered over 60,000 CA students, with 20,000+ achieving successful careers. My mission: to revolutionize India's finance industry.

In this Finance Masterclass, I'll guide you through mastering finance using a thorough syllabus that encompasses all essential topics, presented through our well-organized curriculum, validated by industry experts.

Join me to unlock boundless opportunities in the dynamic world of finance and create your success story. Welcome to a brighter future."

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Career Opportunities You Can Grab

Sr. Financial Analyst

Financial Advisor

Audit Manager

Chief Financial Officer

Financial Consultant

Corporate Treasurer

Finance Manager

Portfolio Manager

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Get An Edge in Your Finance Interview

Learn from the best — CA Shivam Palan!

Learn directly from CA Shivam Palan, a mentor with a proven track record, having contributed to the success of over 20,000 CA journeys.

In-Depth Syllabus Tailored to Financial Excellence

Our comprehensive syllabus covers finance from basics to advanced topics. Acquire hands-on skills in financial statements and ratio analysis.

Building Skills For Finance Interview

Elevate your resume with showcased finance expertise through real industry case studies. Stand out in finance interviews with expert mock interview sessions.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Stay current with the latest financial trends through industry expert sessions. Network with professionals in mock interviews and expert sessions. Enhance your chances of securing positions with top firms through tailored interview prep sessions.

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Masterclass Curriculum

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Lecture 1

Introduction to Finance

This lecture covers understanding the finance structure, MIS reporting process, and journal entries. It also includes a section on finance terms related to startups and a test on the material covered.

Lecture 2 

R2R (Record to Report) Role

Discusses the R2R role and process, MIS reporting, and working with dummy data for R2R. It concludes with a test on the content.

Lecture 3

Process Understanding

Focuses on understanding the process of provision and working, different functions, and processes like P2P, R2R, and O2C. Includes a test on these topics.

Lecture 4

Case Study on Revenue Analysis and Accounting

This lecture covers provision working file for loss of shipment, case studies on revenue analysis and accounting, and making financial statements, including trial balance and cash flow statements.

Lecture 5

Ratio Analysis

This lecture focuses on financial ratios crucial for evaluating a company's fiscal health. Key areas include liquidity ratios (for assessing short-term financial stability), turnover ratios (measuring asset efficiency), and profitability ratios (analyzing earnings effectiveness).

Lecture 6


The treasury lecture covers strategies for managing company liquidity and financial risks, including cash rotation, investment strategies, and hedging methods to protect against market variables like currency fluctuations and interest rates.

Lecture 7

Case Study Based Interview Questions

This session uses real industry case studies to teach practical financial problem-solving, preparing students for finance interviews and professional scenarios by encouraging critical thinking and application of financial knowledge.

Lecture 8

Understanding Ind AS Basics

Covers the basics of Ind AS, including financial statement presentation and accounting policies.

Lecture 9

Technical Discussion on Ind AS

Delves into technical aspects of Ind AS, including deferred tax, financial instruments, leases, and revenue recognition.

The course ends with sessions on resume building, mock interviews, and a session with an industry expert.

Download Curriculum

Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹10,000


Worth ₹1,800

101 curated finance interview questions.


Worth ₹2,200

Tackle real-world finance challenges.


Worth ₹1,400

Work with authentic industry papers.


Worth ₹1,600

Gain industry recognition for finance skills.


Worth ₹1,800

Expert-guided practice sessions.


Worth ₹1,200

Tailored for success in the finance domain.

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Who is this Masterclass for?



Enhances practical finance skills, aiding in complex decision-making and professional growth in finance roles.

B.Com / BBA

Bridges academic theory with practical finance applications, preparing students for a career in finance.

Finance Pros

Deepens understanding of financial management and regulatory frameworks, essential for navigating professional finance landscapes.


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Let's Recap


Finance Masterclass

  • Grasp key concepts in finance and accounting.
  • Learn to analyze financial health using ratios.
  • Gain insights into managing and optimizing cash flow.
  • Understand regulatory challenges in finance.
  • Enhance learning with practical examples.
  • Equip yourself with skills for career advancement.
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  • It's a comprehensive course for Chartered Accountants and finance professionals, covering key finance concepts, ratio analysis, and regulatory challenges.

  • Primarily designed for Chartered Accountants, finance professionals, and students pursuing finance-related courses.

  • Case studies offer practical insights and application of theoretical concepts in real business situations.

  • The course includes interview preparation, focusing on finance-related questions and scenarios.

  • You'll have access to practice problems, downloadable materials, step-by-step instructional videos, and valuable industry insights from our expert mentor.

  • Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion that recognizes your achievement in mastering Finance.

  • Yes, we offer ongoing support, and you'll be part of a WhatsApp community of learners where you can network, seek advice, and share experiences.

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