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CA Vaibhav Todi
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Empower Your Career With Financial Planning & Analysis Masterclass

Career Growth

Advance your career with FP&A skills, positioning yourself for growth in diverse industries.

Versatile Applications

Apply FP&A skills universally across industries, broadening your career options and adaptability in the job market.

Advanced Skills

Level up with advanced FP&A learning, honing skills that set you apart in the competitive finance landscape.

Strategic Decision-Making

Master key FP&A concepts for strategic decision-making, contributing significantly to organizational success.

Comprehensive Knowledge

Deepen your FP&A understanding with optional reading materials, supplementing your learning beyond the core curriculum.

Interview Success

Prepare for FP&A interviews, ensuring confidence and competence in real-life scenarios.

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Meet Your Trainer


Hello there, I am CA Vaibhav Todi.

4+ Years Of Experience In FP&A

"I am here to help you navigate one of the most lucrative Finance career options right now- Financial Planning and Analysis/ Business finance.

As for my introduction, I have 4 years of experience spanning 2 different unicorn startup companies, in the financial planning and analysis domain. I am also an alumnus of St. Xaviers Kolkata. I have mentored 500+ CA freshers over the last 3 years to help them achieve their dream job.

In this masterclass, I will take you through all essential concepts and teach you how to crack those impossible interviews. So, stop watching random videos on YouTube.

And I will see you inside. Let's get started!"

Career Opportunities You Can Grab

Sr. Financial Analyst

FP&A Analyst

Budget Analyst

Finance Manager

Treasury Analyst

Chief Financial Officer


BI Analyst

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Masterclass Curriculum

Part 1

Introduction to FP&A

Explore the fundamentals and scope of Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A). Understand the critical role FP&A plays in organizational decision-making and financial strategy.

Part 2 

Essential FP&A Concepts

Master key FP&A concepts, from budgeting to variance analysis. Gain foundational knowledge for effective financial planning and analysis.

Part 3

Advanced FP&A Learning

Elevate your FP&A skills with advanced modules. Delve into financial models, scenario analysis, and strategic planning for informed decision-making.

Part 4

FP&A Interview Prep

Prepare for real-life interviews with common FP&A questions. Hone your communication and strategic thinking skills for success in the competitive world of FP&A.

Part 5

Recommended Reading

Explore optional reading materials to deepen your FP&A knowledge. Supplement your learning with additional resources beyond the core curriculum.

Immerse in Real-Life Finance Challenges
With Capstone Projects

Project Overview

Get a brief on the capstone project within the Financial Planning & Analysis course, providing insights into tasks reinforcing key FP&A concepts.

Forecasting Projections

Dive into Task 1, focusing on accurate financial forecasting crucial for effective planning and decision-making.

Decision Making & Business Understanding

Explore Task 2, emphasizing decision-making processes and a deeper understanding of business operations.

Variance Analysis

Navigate Task 3, involving variance analysis to interpret variations and align financial goals with overall business objectives.

Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQ)

Engage in Task 4, a session of multiple-choice questions covering key FP&A topics to solidify your understanding.

Guides and Assessment

Access comprehensive answers, FP&A guides, and technical question guidance. Conclude with a final assessment test, industry insights, and a mock interview to enhance your skills.

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Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹10,000


Worth ₹1,800

101 curated finance interview questions.


Worth ₹2,200

Tackle real-world finance challenges.


Worth ₹1,400

Work with authentic industry papers.


Worth ₹1,600

Gain industry recognition for finance skills.


Worth ₹1,800

Expert-guided practice sessions.


Worth ₹1,200

Tailored for success in the FP&A domain.

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Who is this Masterclass for?



Enhances practical finance skills, aiding in complex decision-making and professional growth in finance roles.

B.Com / BBA

Bridges academic theory with practical finance applications, preparing students for a career in finance.

Finance Pros

Deepens understanding of financial planning and regulatory frameworks, essential for navigating professional finance landscapes.


Level up your career with CA Monk’s
Industry- Recognized Certification.

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Let's Recap


Financial Planning & Analysis Masterclass

  • Master the fundamentals of FP&A for strategic decision-making.
  • Dive into key FP&A concepts like budgeting and forecasting.
  • Elevate your expertise with modules on financial modeling and strategic planning.
  • Prepare for real-world scenarios with interview-focused sessions.
  • Explore optional reading materials for a comprehensive FP&A understanding.
  • Apply knowledge in a hands-on capstone project for practical experience.
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  • Learning FP&A is crucial for career advancement, offering skills in financial planning and analysis that are highly valued across industries.

  • FP&A skills open doors to diverse career paths, including roles in financial analysis, strategic planning, and decision support in various industries.

  • No, FP&A benefits professionals across disciplines, providing valuable skills in data analysis, forecasting, and strategic decision-making.

  • FP&A equips you with the ability to analyze financial data, create forecasts, and make informed decisions crucial to an organization's strategic success.

  • The FP&A course covers advanced skills like financial modeling, scenario analysis, and strategic planning to enhance your proficiency in financial analysis.

  • FP&A interview prep hones your communication and analytical skills, ensuring you're well-prepared for real-life interview scenarios in the finance industry.

  • Yes, the optional reading materials in the course provide additional resources for those seeking to deepen their understanding and broaden their FP&A knowledge base.