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CA Shivam Palan
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Duration: 20 Hours
Validity: 6 Months
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 Top Companies That Demand Financial Modeling Skill

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Why Mastering Financial Modelling is
The Express Route To Your Dream Career?

Limitless Opportunities

Whether you’re a CA, CFA, or MBA or even a BBA/BCom. or any finance graduate.

High Paying Finance Roles

Gain Competitive Edge in Investment Banking, Private Equity/Venture Capital, Equity Research, Consulting, and more.

Mastering the Basics

Excel skills, equity research, share price analysis, and financial model creation.

Ready for Core Finance Roles

Analyze data, understand EBITDA, create advanced financial models, & MRF analysis.

Certified Course + Real Projects

Learn advanced valuation techniques, comparative analysis, & MRF valuation.

Interview-Ready Skills

Cash flow projections, real estate modeling, confidence in job interviews.

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Hello there, I am CA Shivam Palan.

Placed 10K+ Students In Dream Company

"I'm CA Shivam Palan, a Chartered Accountant with a strong passion for teaching. With extensive experience in mid-tier firms, Big 4 companies, and innovative startups, I've dedicated my career to finance and mentoring. I've had the privilege of guiding over 60,000 CA students, with 20,000+ of them now enjoying successful finance careers. My mission is to revolutionize India's finance industry.

As your instructor for the Financial modelling and Valuation Workshop by CA Monk, I'm here to help you explore the world of financial modelling, valuation methods, and cost of capital analysis. You'll learn practical skills, create financial models, and make informed financial decisions in real-world scenarios.

Join me on this educational journey, and together, we'll unlock new opportunities in the dynamic field of financial modelling. Your future is filled with potential. Welcome to an exciting chapter in your finance career."

11K +


72K +


100K +


40K +


Career Opportunities You Can Grab

Investment banking

Equity Research

Private Equity

Portfolio Management

Consulting / Advisory

Corporate Finance

Credit Analysis

Risk Analysis

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Workshop Curriculum

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Day 1

Foundation of Financial Modeling

Discover the basics of financial modelling with the Time Value of Money. Learn to assess investment profitability through NPV and explore the decision-making metric, IRR. Understand the differences between NPV and IRR, vital financial concepts.

Day 2 

Financial Modeling & Valuation Fundamentals

Learning valuation principles. Understanding the process of determining the rate used to discount future cash flows. Exploring statistical techniques such as Linear Regression in financial modelling. Calculation of Mean, SD & Practical Use in Stock Market Analysis.

Day 3 & 4

Advanced Concepts in Financial Modeling

Learn to calculate future investment value and stock valuation with ‘Calculating Terminal Value’ and ‘Derivation of Gordon Growth Model. Explore behavioural finance's impact on financial decisions. Gain practical insights into stock acquisition with ‘How to Buy Stocks of Any Company.

Day 5

Specialized Topics in Financial Modeling

Apply modeling principles to personal finance and analyze industry sectors. Distinguish between discounted and non-discounted sectors. Practical application of projecting and valuing projects in listed companies.

Day 6

Career Guidance & Practical Application

Preparing for interviews in Investment Banking and Equity Research. Crafting an effective resume for a finance career. Mentor Guidance and assignments for continued skill development.

Work On Real-Life Projects

About Capstone Projects

These Capstone Projects translate theory into practical finance applications. Each task has associated assignment to teach practical application.

Merger & Acquisition

Explore M&A intricacies and evaluate factors driving these transactions. Assess the benefits and drawbacks of M&A for involved entities.

Discounted Cash Flow Method

Master valuation using the Discounted Cash Flow (DCF) Method & calculate a company's intrinsic value, a prized finance skill.

Accretion and Dilution Model

Develop crucial skills for financial analysts and decision-makers.Learn Accretion and Dilution Models, assessing post-merger EPS changes.

Leveraged Buyout (LBO)

Uncover the mechanics of Leveraged Buyout (LBO) transactions. Understanding real-world LBO operations, essential for corporate finance and private equity careers.

Technical Preparation & Interview Guidance

Familiarize yourself with the roles & responsibilities for the role you're applying for. Optimize your resume with industry-specific keywords to demonstrate your expertise and suitability for the position.

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What LinkedIn Has To Say...

Areca Pal

Chartered Accountant

💥 I am bursting with excitement and anticipation as I prepare to unveil my meticulously crafted Comprehensive Financial Model & DCF Valuation Report on MRF Tyres. Countless hours of research, analysis, and attention to detail have culminated in a sophisticated framework that captures the essence of financial dynamics with utmost precision 🎯 📊

☑ Contents of this Model:-
⭕ Business Overview
📈 Industry Overview
💰 Income Statement & its Analysis
📚 Balance Sheet

Lalitha Manapragada

Chartered Accountant

I find it immense pleasure to upskill myself . It gives me utmost confidence. Recently I have attended the CA MONK Financial Modelling and Valuation Analysis work shop.
I'm very delighted to share my first Share Price Analysis Report of Reliance Industries Ltd. prepared by me after gaining valuable insights from CA Shivam Palan.

This report focuses on the following key aspects:
1. Business Summary and Future Insights
2.Share price Analysis

CA Swati S.

Chartered Accountant

Hello everyone

I am delighted to share my first share price analysis report which is on Asian Paints The report contain the following analysis of the said company :
Normal distribution of Return
Share price analysis
Share price comparison with market
Descriptive Statistics

Sruthi Varghese

Chartered Accountant

Hello all,

I'm very delighted to share my first Share Price Analysis Report.
It's on IndusInd Bank, one among the first new generation private banks in India.
The period of the analysis Report is 2 years.
It was prepared as part of "Financial Modelling and Valuation" Course with CA Monk.
This report focuses on the following key aspects:
1. Analysis of the Growth Rate
2. Analysis of Adjusted Closing Price

Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹20,000

Worth ₹2,000

Downloadable Working Files

Worth ₹3,500

Ready Financial Models & Reports

Worth ₹4,500

Hands-on Practical Assignments

Worth ₹3,500

Expert Mentorship for IB, PE & ER

Worth ₹4,500

Interview Case Studies

Worth ₹2,000

IB Interview Questionnaire

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Who is this Workshop for?



Boost job prospects in finance for roles like Analyst, Investment Manager.


Gain expertise for roles like Financial Analyst, Investment Banker.

Finance Aspirants

Ideal for BBA/BCom grads; build foundation for roles like Finance Analyst, Risk Analyst.

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Level up your career with CA Monk’s
Industry- Recognized Certification.

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Let's Recap


Financial Modeling & Valuation Workshop

  • Master financial modeling and valuations for lucrative finance opportunities.
  • Develop practical Excel skills with real-world applications.
  • Unlock diverse career paths in investment banking and private equity.
  • Apply knowledge through IB Capstone Project to showcase expertise.
  • Receive expert guidance and interview preparation resources.
  • Attain an industry-recognized certification for skill validation.
  • Enhance your resume with competitive domain-specific keywords.
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If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to reach out to us by shooting us an email at or by calling us at +91-9022720882.

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  • Financial modelling is crucial in the finance industry because it enables professionals to make informed decisions based on numerical projections. It helps in assessing the financial health of a company, understanding investment opportunities, and determining valuation. This skill is highly sought after in various finance roles.

  • This course suits finance enthusiasts, professionals, and students looking to strengthen their financial modelling and valuation skills. It's ideal for individuals interested in roles like financial analyst, equity research analyst, investment banker, or those seeking a career in corporate finance.

  • Upon completing the Financial Modelling & Valuation Course, you will receive an industry-recognized certificate. This certificate can be showcased on your LinkedIn profile, included in your resume, and used to highlight your professional achievements.

  • The skills acquired in this course are highly practical and are widely applicable in finance roles. You'll be able to analyze financial statements, build financial models, and perform valuations, which are essential for investment decisions, business evaluations, and risk analysis.

  • The course spans over 20 hours of on-demand video content and covers a wide range of topics, including Excel fundamentals, financial analysis, valuation methods, and much more. You'll also work on real-life case studies and assignments.

  • No specific knowledge is required, but a basic understanding of finance concepts and Excel will be helpful. The course starts from Excel basics and gradually progresses to advanced topics.

  • The expert domain guidance sessions provide insights into the practical application of financial modelling and valuation in the industry. You'll gain valuable advice and tips directly from experienced professionals.

  • The course includes a variety of assignments and case studies, ranging from company analysis to financial modelling projects. These hands-on tasks help you apply what you've learned in real-world scenarios.

  • The interview preparation section focuses on building your confidence by enhancing your skills. You'll work on real-life projects, analyze company financials, and develop cash flow projections, giving you an edge in job interviews.

  • The course bonuses include downloadable working files, assignments, expert guidance, interview preparation resources, and a list of IB firms in India. You can also find testimonials and case studies from previous students on our website.


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