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CA Suraj Agarwal
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Empower Your Career With Indirect Taxation Masterclass

Financial Compliance Mastery

Master Indirect Taxation for precise financial compliance and legal integrity.

Strategic Financial Planning

Use Indirect Taxation strategically for optimized tax positions and lasting financial growth.

Risk Mitigation and Penalties

Learn Indirect Taxation to prevent penalties and ensure smooth financial operations.

Global Business Competence

Grasp Indirect Taxation for a global outlook, navigating international tax frameworks effortlessly.

Driving Cost Efficiency

Master Indirect Taxation for pinpointing cost-saving opportunities and maximizing efficiency.

Adapting to Legislative Dynamics

Learn Indirect Taxation to stay ahead of legislative changes, ensuring compliance in a dynamic landscape.

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Meet Your Trainer


Hello there, I am CA Suraj Agarwal.

5+ Years Of Experience In IDT

"I'm a Chartered Accountant and an Indirect Tax professional with 5+ years of experience at Deloitte, Rashmi Group, and Desai Haribhakti. Specializing in Indirect Tax advisory & litigation, I offer expertise in understanding tax implications on transactions.

As your Indirect Tax Masterclass instructor with CA Monk, I'll guide you beyond GST returns and compliances. Gain practical insights into business issues, explore legal interpretation, industry-related challenges, GST compliances, and develop skills in drafting legal responses and opinions.

Join me on this journey to unlock opportunities in indirect taxation. Topics include Laws & provisions, industry insights, GST compliances, drafting legal responses/opinions, and interview readiness."

Career Opportunities You Can Grab

Indirect Tax Manager

Tax Compliance Officer

GST Specialist

Finance Manager

Indirect Tax Consultant

Corporate Tax Manager

IDT Technology Specialist

Risk Management Analyst

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Masterclass Curriculum

Download Curriculum

Part 1

Foundational Concepts

Essential introduction to basic principles and definitions of indirect taxes.

Part 2 

Valuation Techniques

Dive into methodologies for determining the taxable value of goods and services.

Part 3

Mixed & Composite Supply

Navigate complexities of mixed and composite supply scenarios for effective taxation.

Part 4

Place of Supply Dynamics

Understand principles governing the determination of the place of supply in cross-border transactions.

Part 5

Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)

Explore the shift of tax payment responsibility from supplier to recipient in applicable scenarios.

Part 6

Input Tax Credit Strategies

Optimize the utilization of Input Tax Credits for minimizing tax liabilities.

Part 7

Input Service Distributor (ISD)

Learn to efficiently allocate and distribute input tax credits among organizational units.

Part 8

Interview Ready

Practical preparation for real-world application, including mock interviews and case studies.

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Immerse in Real-Life Indirect Tax Challenges
With Capstone Projects

Real-World Application

Our Capstone ensures hands-on experience in GST Returns and Input Tax Credits, preparing you for real-world Indirect Tax challenges.

Mastering Refunds and Exports

Task 2 focuses on Refunds and Exports, making you adept at managing global Indirect Tax challenges in international trade.

Navigating Complexities

Task 3 readies you for complex Indirect Tax scenarios, teaching you to navigate legal challenges and offer strategic advice.

Comprehensive Advisory Skills

Task 4 combines GST Advisory and MCQs, ensuring a well-rounded approach for success in the diverse field of Indirect Taxation.

Guidance and Resources

Access comprehensive solutions, Indirect Tax guidance, and a Technical Question Guide for reliable insights and guidance in mastering Indirect Taxation.

Industry-Ready Confidence

Cap off your journey with a Mock Interview by an Industry Expert, building confidence in articulating technical concepts for success in Indirect Tax interviews.

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Unlock Bonuses Worth ₹10,000


Worth ₹1,800

101 curated Indirect Tax interview questions.


Worth ₹2,200

Tackle real-world Taxation challenges.


Worth ₹1,400

Work with authentic industry papers.


Worth ₹1,600

Gain industry recognition for Taxation skills.


Worth ₹1,800

Expert-guided practice sessions.


Worth ₹1,200

Tailored for success in the Indirect Tax domain.

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Who is this Masterclass for?



Enhances practical tax skills, aiding in complex decision-making and professional growth in finance roles.

B.Com / BBA

Bridges academic theory with practical tax applications, preparing students for a career in taxation.

Finance Pros

Deepens understanding of Indirect Taxation and regulatory frameworks, essential for navigating professional taxation landscapes.


Level up your career with CA Monk’s
Industry- Recognized Certification.

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Let's Recap


Indirect Taxation Masterclass

  • Grasp key concepts in indirect taxation.
  • Enhances compliance and strategic financial planning.
  • Offers a global taxation perspective.
  • Includes practical projects for real-life readiness.
  • Enhance learning with practical examples.
  • Equip yourself with skills for career advancement.
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Still have any questions?

If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to reach out to us by shooting us an email at support@camonk.com or by calling us at +91-9022720882.

  • No specific prerequisites are required. The masterclass is designed to accommodate various skill levels, making it suitable for beginners and experienced professionals alike.

  • Yes, you will have continued access to the course materials even after completing the masterclass. This allows you to review content, revisit key concepts, and stay updated on any additional resources provided.

  • The capstone project is a practical application of the concepts learned throughout the masterclass. It provides hands-on experience in tackling real-world scenarios, reinforcing your understanding and enhancing your skills in Indirect Taxation.

  • Yes, upon successful completion of the masterclass, you will receive a certificate, validating your expertise in Indirect Taxation. This certificate can be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio.

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