Mastering Internal Audit: From Fundamentals to Advanced Expertise.
Internal Audit Masterclass

Become An Internal Audit Expert

No Prior Audit Experience Required
Real World Case-Studies
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8 Hours

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CA Disha Makhija
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Empower Your Career With Internal Audit Masterclass

Financial Literacy Boost

Mastering internal audit enhances financial literacy for informed decision-making.

Ethics and Compliance Focus

Internal audit instills ethics, preparing students for regulatory complexities.

Risk Management Proficiency

Finance students gain skills to identify and mitigate risks, enhancing marketability.

Strategic Decision Support

Internal audit knowledge empowers strategic thinking and process evaluation.

Career Advancement Gateway

Internal audit learning broadens career options for finance students.

Adapting to Change

Internal audit training fosters adaptability in dynamic business environments.

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Meet Your Trainer


Hello there, I am CA Disha Makhija.

 At Leading Manufacturing Firm | Ex-Protiviti | 6+ Years of Experience 

"I am a qualified Chartered Accountant with close to 6 years of experience in the field of Internal Audit. I have previously worked with Protiviti Risk consulting firm for 4 years and am currently working with a leading manufacturing company as a Manager in Internal Audit team. During my tenure I have conducted audits of various big brands in Manufacturing, Hospitality, FMCG and Health Sector.

I am a passionate and hard working person who loves life and loves to share my knowledge with people. This course is in internal audit which will you gain an extensive understanding of what is internal audit, how it is conducted, what all is checked during audit and how is it presented to management. After going through this course you will gain practical knowledge about this topic which will you help you in conducting internal audits by yourself in future."

Career Opportunities You Can Grab

Internal Controls Analyst

IT Auditor

Forensic Accountant

Chief Risk Officer

Internal Audit Director

Corporate Investigator

Risk Analyst

Operational Risk Manager

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Masterclass Curriculum

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Lecture 1

Internal Audit Basics

Establish a solid foundation in internal audit principles and frameworks, exploring the core concepts shaping effective organizational governance and risk management.

Lecture 2 

How to conduct Internal Audit

Learn the practical steps of conducting internal audits, from planning and risk assessment to execution and reporting, with real-world case studies highlighting best practices and challenges.

Lecture 3

Procurement to Payment

Delve into the intricacies of auditing the procurement-to-payment cycle, focusing on evaluating controls, vendor management, and payment systems for compliance and risk mitigation.

Lecture 4

Inventory Management

Explore the essentials of auditing inventory management, covering control assessment, recording accuracy, and strategies for optimizing auditing processes.

Lecture 5

HR and Payroll Audit

Gain expertise in auditing HR and payroll functions, focusing on compliance, accuracy, and confidentiality, with practical insights and case studies on payroll integrity.

Lecture 6

Production Audit

Examine the nuances of auditing production processes, including workflow evaluation, quality assurance, and compliance with industry standards, to enhance audit outcomes.

Lecture 7

Finance & Accounts

Explore advanced internal audit techniques tailored for finance and accounts, covering financial statement audits, accounting policy analysis, and risk assessment in financial reporting.

Lecture 8

Sales & Marketing

Understand the challenges of auditing sales and marketing activities, learning to assess processes, promotional activities, and revenue recognition for revenue integrity and compliance.

Lecture 9

Statutory Compliance Audit

Navigate statutory compliance auditing complexities, gaining insights into legal requirements, regulatory frameworks, and effective strategies for ensuring compliance.

Immerse in Real-Life Audit Challenges
With Capstone Projects

Applied Learning

Capstone project applies theory to real scenarios, bridging learning and practice.

Holistic Skill Development

In risk assessment, process evaluation, and report generation, engage in diverse tasks for comprehensive skill growth.

Problem-solving Focus

Tackle H2R and Inventory tasks, honing adept problem-solving skills in internal audit.

Strategic Audit Reporting

The audit Report task sharpens strategic communication for effective reporting.

Assessment and Reinforcement

MCQ Test assesses and reinforces key internal audit concepts for a well-rounded understanding.

Guidance and Industry Insight

Benefit from guidance, Technical Guide, Mock Interview, and Industry Expert insights, preparing for success in internal audit.

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Who is this Masterclass for?



For CA Finalists, CA Inter Articles, and Qualified CAs with <2 years' experience.

B.Com / BBA

Essential skills for roles like Finance Analyst or Risk Analyst in auditing and compliance.

Audit Pros

Strengthen your audit capabilities for career progression.

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Let's Recap


Internal Audit Masterclass

  • In-depth internal audit training with case studies.
  • Enhances financial literacy and compliance skills.
  • Opens opportunities in various auditing roles.
  • Practical lessons covering key audit topics.
  • Hands-on challenges for skill application.
  • Ideal for CA students, B.Com/BBA graduates, and auditors.
  • Industry-recognized certificate upon completion.
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  • No specific prerequisites are required. The masterclass is designed for students with a basic understanding of finance and accounting.

  • Yes, the masterclass is self-paced, allowing you to progress through the content at your convenience.

  • Yes, a certificate of completion will be awarded to students who successfully finish the masterclass.

  • The capstone project provides practical application, bridging theory with real-world scenarios to enhance your internal audit skills.

  • Reading materials will be accessible through the online platform, allowing you to conveniently access and download resources as needed.

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