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Pranav Tulshyan
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Empower Your Career With Python For Finance

Automated Financial Analysis

Streamline tasks, save time, and ensure accuracy in assessments.

Data-Driven Decision Makings

Explore data visualization and analysis techniques for solid, data-driven insights.

Efficient Financial Modeling

From complex models to scenario analysis, Python elevates precision and speed in projections.

Career Advancement

Showcase proficiency, open doors to opportunities, and position yourself in a competitive job market.

Real-world Projects

Gain practical experience solving financial problems, and building a portfolio for potential employers.

Finance-Tech Networking

Join a community, engage in forums, and stay updated on trends for valuable networking shaping your career.

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Meet Your Trainer


Hello there, I am Pranav Tulshyan.

"I am Pranav Tulshyan, a tech enthusiast and Chartered Accountancy rank holder. Having completed my articleship with EY, I now work at IOCL. Believing in "A day without learning is a day wasted," I encourage maximizing every moment.

As a spiritual admirer, I constantly strive to upgrade myself. I've conducted webinars on GST Automation, productivity, and developed Python codes for GST tasks. My mission is to revolutionize Finance through automation, ensuring professionals stay ahead. I advocate proactivity and embracing change before it's necessary."

The Entire Course Has Been Divided Into 3 Parts:
TretaYug, DwaparYug, and KaliYug


Know about the Future of Finance (Cloud, RPA, Data Analytics, Ai, ML, BlockChain)

How to make a Super Productive Office

Basic Tips to bring Efficiency while working on Desktop

Automation through Command Prompt

Hidden Features and Tricks for Excel

Most Efficient Way to Use any VBA (Without Learning Coding)

Automation of your Boring MIS reporting (With just Plain Excel)

Excel On Steroids - The Power of Power Query and Power Pivot

Visualize your Data Like Never Before - Power BI

Top Apps for Boosting Office Productivity


Role & Importance of Automation (Tools and Usages)

What is Coding and Do We Need it?

Python Introduction and Its Usage for Finance Professionals

ABasic Python Concepts and Syntaxes

Familiarization with Standard Python Codes and IDEs

Use of Python in Excel

Open Source Community and Git Hub

Use of Open Source Codes for Files Operations

Keyboard Simulations, Email Automation, and Web Scrapping

Advanced Power Query and Publishing Power BI


Sneak Peek to the Future ...How will AI / ML be introduced in Finance?

Tally Automation with Python

Advanced Email Automation with Outlook

GST Automation with Web Scrapping

Improve Your Codes with Object-Oriented Programming

AutoRun Python Script- Based on Schedules

Making of App Interfaces for Task Automation

Deployment of App- Creating setup files for Sharing of Python Apps

Database and Basic SQL Concepts

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Course Curriculum

S1 Lec: 1 - 3

Setting the Foundation

Prepare for Future Fit Finance as we kick off with essential readiness tips, automation insights, and keyboard shortcuts to boost your efficiency.

S1 Lec: 4 - 7

Excel Efficiency Unleashed

Unlock the potential of Excel with command prompt learning, advanced tricks, and macro creation without VBA. Learn how companies structure Excel templates and automate tasks with Power Query.

S1 Lec: 8 - 10

Powering Up Productivity

Dive into Power Query automation, data modeling, and explore apps to enhance office productivity. Practice with sample files and build a learner's library for hands-on experience.

S2 Lec: 1 - 3

Diving into Python

Transition to Dwapar Yug with Python installation, code warm-up, and grasping fundamental concepts. Witness Python's application in Excel and create practical templates for seamless integration.

S2 Lec: 4 - 7

Python Tools and Automation

Immerse yourself in the open-source community, master tank automation templates, bulk mail handling, keyboard simulation, and web scraping. Explore dynamic Power Query dashboards for advanced data visualization.

S2 Lec: 8 - 10

Doubt Solving and Application Deployment

Participate in doubt-solving sessions to clarify concepts. Delve into class-based programming, Tally automation, and Outlook/email automation. Conclude by learning web scraping concepts and deploying Python applications.

S3 Lec: 1 - 3

Python Tricks and Scheduling

Discover advanced Python tricks and learn to automate program scheduling. Explore Tally automation and gain insights into Outlook and email automation for efficient workflow management.

S3 Lec: 4 - 7

Data Integration and Class Programming

Unlock the potential of APIs and Google Sheets automation. Delve into class-based programming concepts and create your own Python class. Explore deployment strategies for Python applications.

S3 Lec: 8 - 10

Final Steps towards Mastery

Conclude the course by understanding the deployment of Python applications and mastering the intricacies of class-based programming. Embrace the skills needed to excel in future-fit finance roles.

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  • The course is delivered online and consists of a series of video lectures, hands-on exercises, and interactive quizzes. You can access the course materials at any time and work at your own pace.

  • Yes, our course is suitable for beginners.

  • Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

  • It is a Recorded batch.

  • You will get the resources in the course with which you have to practice.

  • The course is in Hinglish.

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