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CA Shivam Palan
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Empower Your Career With Statutory Audit Masterclass

Precision in Decision-Making

Mastering statistical audit enhances data accuracy for strategic decision-making in data-driven settings.

Risk Mitigation Expertise

Stat audit proficiency identifies and mitigates risks, contributing to overall organizational risk resilience.

Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills

Stat audit sharpens problem-solving through systematic approaches, fostering innovative solutions to complex issues.

Ready for Core Finance Roles

Stat audit mastery ensures industry standard compliance, reflecting your commitment to integrity and quality.

Certified Course + Real Projects

Stat audit expertise champions data-driven decision-making, a crucial skill in today's data-centric organizational landscape.

Interview-Ready Skills

Stat audit proficiency unlocks advanced roles in analytics, positioning you as a standout candidate for career growth.

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Hello there, I am CA Shivam Palan.

 Ex EY | 4+ Years of Experience 

"I'm CA Shivam Palan, your dedicated guide on this educational journey. Along with the prestigious Chartered Accountant title, setting the stage for my lifelong passion: teaching. With a diverse career spanning mid-tier firms, Big 4 giants, and innovative startups across cities, My passion for teaching has empowered over 60,000 CA students, with 20,000+ achieving successful careers. My mission: to revolutionize India's finance industry.

In this Statutory Audit Masterclass, I'll help you navigate a comprehensive syllabus covering pre-planning, materiality, internal controls, substantive testing, auditing specific expenses, revenue, borrowing, audit reports, and more.

Join me to unlock boundless opportunities in the dynamic world of statutory audit and create your success story. Welcome to a brighter future."

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Get An Edge in Your Audit Interview

Learn from the best — CA Shivam Palan!

Emphasizing 100% skill-based learning, our training integrates industry best practices and hands-on teaching through real-world case studies for expertise in audit concepts.

Work with 'Real Working Papers' used by BIG4s.

Focused on practical learning, our program includes hands-on capstone projects and real-world case studies, helping participants develop audit skills and confidence for success in statutory audit.

Interactive Learning Experience.

Experience flexible global online learning with Zoom sessions, interactive MCQ assessments, live classes, doubt sessions, city meetups, and a vibrant community for a dynamic educational experience.

Interview & Placement Support.

Enhance your career with our program, gaining interview confidence, improving your CV with real-world case studies, and staying informed about diverse job opportunities.

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Masterclass Curriculum

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Lecture 1

Introduction to Statutory Audit

This introductory lecture covers the basics of statutory audit, including definitions, types of audits (internal, external, etc.), the auditor's skepticism, audit documentation, and an introduction to regulatory authorities like MCA, SEBI, NFRA, and ICAI.

Lecture 2 

Planning Audit

This session delves into the planning phase of an audit. It includes a desktop review of current year financial statements, determining materiality, planning analytical review documents, and identifying significant accounts.

Lecture 3

Risk Assessment and Process Understanding

The third lecture focuses on risk assessment and process understanding. It covers Internal Financial Control (IFC) testing, process understanding of various financial procedures like Procure to Pay (P2P) and Order to Cash (O2C), and auditing various financial elements such as Property, Plant & Equipment (PPE) and Treasury/Cash.

Lecture 4

Substantive Testing

This lecture is the first part of substantive testing, where students learn about Test of Details (TOD), substantive analytical procedures, assertions mapping, and audits of specific financial areas like inventory, payroll, and legal expenses.

Lecture 5

Substantive Testing Continued

Continuing the topic of substantive testing, this session covers the audit of financial statements with a focus on specific expenses like electricity, rent, advertisement, and analysis of cash & bank transactions.

Lecture 6

Substantive Testing - Further Analysis

This class further explores substantive testing, focusing on revenue and its impact as per Ind AS 115, trade payable, COGS & purchase, property plant and equipment, and depreciation.

Lecture 7

Substantive Testing & Ratio Analysis

In this lecture, substantive testing is continued with a focus on borrowing and interest costs, share capital, and prepaid expenses. The session also introduces ratio analysis covering various financial ratios.

Lecture 8

Conclusion of Audit

The final lecture concludes the audit process. It covers CARO 2020 vs CARO 2016, the Management Representation Letter (MRL), audit opinions (unqualified, qualified, adverse, and disclaimer), and a final review of the audit process including issue log and discussions.

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Immerse in Real-Life Audit Challenges
With Capstone Projects

About Capstone Projects

Learn eligibility requirements, engagement letter drafting, benchmark setting, materiality determination, and Trivial Error identification.

Merger & Acquisition

Gain hands-on experience in ledger review, focusing on misstatement identification and rectification during audits.

Discounted Cash Flow Method

Identify and document material misstatements, compiling comprehensive summaries for accurate reporting.

Accretion and Dilution Model

Master communication with stakeholders, create essential documents like Management Representation Letter and Independent Audit Report.

Leveraged Buyout (LBO)

Deepen understanding of assertions and apply principles to practical scenarios.

Technical Preparation & Interview Guidance

Familiarize yourself with specific audit role duties, optimize resume with industry-specific keywords to showcase expertise.

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What LinkedIn Has To Say...

Lavina Goyal

Chartered Accountant

I am happy to share that in this learning phase of my life to become a better professional and to enhance my technical skills, I have achieved 1st rank in the Statutory Audit Masterclass Live Test conducted by CA Monk. I would like to thank CA Shivam Palan sir and the CA Monk team for conducting such insightful sessions and classes.

Sharangdhar Saoji

Chartered Accountant

Hello connections,
Excited to announce that I've recently accomplished the Statutory Audit Masterclass program by CA Monk, aimed at elevating my expertise in the statutory audit domain.
The course, spanning over 20+ hours, was an incredible experience where every aspect of the statutory audit process was meticulously covered with practical applications.

CA Govinda Marathe

Chartered Accountant

📚Just completed the fantastic Statutory audit masterclass by CA Shivam Palan Sir!
Throughout the course, I gained valuable insights from the Statutory Audit Masterclass are:📝
✅ Understanding the meaning, purpose & advantage of statutory audit.
🪜The steps to perform the statutory audit from start to end in very detailed manner.

CA Anurag Sachan

Chartered Accountant

I have completed the statutory audit masterclass. It includes amazing sessions which would help you to understand the audit practices and procedures followed by while doing statutory audits. The master class was very interesting as it was more practical oriented.
Why I liked about the CA Monk Statutory Audit Master Class ?
🔅 Every class covers advanced excel functions using practical worksheets.
🔅 Data used in the class is just similar to a real world company.
🔅 Short and concise lectures focusing on one FSLI at a time.

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Gain industry recognition for audit skills.


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Expert-guided practice sessions.


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Tailored for success in the audit domain.

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Who is this Masterclass for?



For CA Finalists, CA Inter Articles, and Qualified CAs  with <2 years' experience.

B.Com / BBA

Essential skills for roles like Finance Analyst or Risk Analyst in auditing and compliance.

Audit Pros

Strengthen your audit capabilities for career progression.

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Level up your career with CA Monk’s
Industry- Recognized Certification.

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Let's Recap


Statutory Audit Masterclass

  • Proficiency in statutory audit principles and methodologies.
  • The ability to apply audit concepts to real-world scenarios.
  • Skills in evaluating and prioritizing audit risks effectively.
  • Understanding of materiality and its impact on financial statements.
  • Ability to assess and test internal controls for financial integrity.
  • Knowledge of various audit sampling methods and their applications.
  • Crafting comprehensive audit reports that effectively communicate findings.
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Still have any questions?

If you have any doubts or queries, feel free to reach out to us by shooting us an email at or by calling us at +91-9022720882.

  • This masterclass is designed for CA Finalists, CA Inter Articles, Freshly Qualified CAs with under 2 years of experience, BCom Graduates, and Finance Professionals who want to gain a deep understanding of statutory audit.

  • Our masterclass offers comprehensive coverage of statutory audit, practical insights from industry experts, and an interactive learning experience that goes beyond theory.

  • Yes, absolutely! Our course is structured to accommodate learners with various levels of audit knowledge, including those with no prior audit experience.

  • For Qualified CA Professionals seeking a transition into the audit domain, this masterclass provides a solid foundation and advanced audit techniques necessary to excel in statutory audit roles.

  • You'll have access to practice problems, downloadable materials, step-by-step instructional videos, and valuable industry insights from our expert mentor.

  • Yes, you'll have opportunities to interact with the instructor during the course. We encourage questions and discussions to enhance your learning experience.

  • The course duration varies depending on your pace of learning, but most participants complete it within a reasonable timeframe.

  • Yes, you will receive a certificate of completion that recognizes your achievement in mastering statutory audit.

  • Yes, we offer ongoing support, and you'll be part of a WhatsApp community of learners where you can network, seek advice, and share experiences.

  • As you are already on the course page itself, you can find the enrolment button on this page itself and follow the registration process. The cost details are also available here on this course page.