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Pukhraj Parikh
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Empower Your Career With Tableau

Data Visualization Mastery

Master visual storytelling with Tableau, turning complex data into actionable insights for impactful presentations and informed decision-making.

Business Intelligence Proficiency

Become a BI expert with Tableau, transforming raw data into strategic insights to guide informed business decisions.

Real-time Data Analysis Skills

Stay ahead with Tableau's real-time data analysis, enabling you to make quick, informed decisions based on live data.

Advanced Data Exploration Techniques

Explore data effortlessly with Tableau's interactive dashboards, uncovering hidden patterns and gaining a competitive edge in data analysis.

Collaborative Decision-Making

Foster collaboration with Tableau's interactive dashboards, promoting real-time data interaction for streamlined and collaborative decision-making.

Career-Ready Certification

Validate and enhance your Tableau expertise with industry-recognized certification.

Register Now @ ₹599 ₹4999

Meet Your Trainer


Hello there, I am Pukhraj Parikh.

  IIM Ahmedabad Alumni 

"I'm your guide and instructor for the Tableau for Finance: Visualize Financial Data using Tableau course. With years of experience in the finance industry and a deep understanding of data visualization, I'm passionate about helping finance professionals like you excel in leveraging Tableau for insightful analysis.

I am committed to providing you with practical knowledge, real-world examples, and the guidance you need to master Tableau and elevate your data visualization skills in the finance domain. Let's embark on this transformative learning journey together!"

Course Curriculum

Chapter 1


Get acquainted with Tableau's fundamentals, including its purpose, resources, and various products, setting the stage for an immersive learning experience.

Chapter 2 

Installation and Getting Started

Dive into the practical aspects of using Tableau, covering the installation process, data overview, and the distinctions between live and extract connections.

Chapter 3

Combining Data to Create Data Model

Explore the intricacies of data integration, from understanding relationships and joins to working with unions and building a solid data model.

Chapter 4

Data Categorization in Tableau

    Learn to categorize data effectively in Tableau, covering dimensions, measures, discreet vs. continuous data, and the process of changing data types.

    Chapter 5

    Most Used Charts

    Master essential charts like bar charts, line charts, and scatter plots, gaining proficiency in creating impactful visualizations.

    Chapter 6

    Customizing Charts using Marks Shelf

    Unlock the power of customization with Marks Shelf, understanding how to manipulate charts using marks cards for different visual effects.

    Chapter 7

    Other Important Charts

    Explore a variety of charts beyond the basics, including text tables, heat maps, pie charts, and more, expanding your visualization repertoire.

    Chapter 8

    Grouping and Filtering Data

    Learn to efficiently group and filter data, mastering dimension and measure filters, and understanding the intricacies of date-time filters.

    Chapter 9

    Map Chart in Tableau

    Delve into the world of map charts, understanding how to create, customize, and enhance visualizations using geographical data.

    Chapter 10

    Calculations and Analytics

    Develop advanced analytical skills with calculated fields, functions, table calculations, LOD expressions, and an exploration of the Analytics Pane.

    Chapter 11

    Sets and Parameters

    Understand the usage of sets and parameters, learning how to create and implement them for more dynamic and interactive visualizations.

    Chapter 12

    Dashboard and Story

    Master the art of creating compelling dashboards and stories, enhancing your ability to communicate insights effectively.

    Chapter 13


    Explore additional topics, such as connecting to SQL data sources and cloud storage services, providing supplementary knowledge for a comprehensive Tableau skill set.

    Chapter 14

    Final Project

    Apply your Tableau skills in a practical setting with the final project, showcasing your proficiency in creating meaningful visualizations and analyses.

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    • The course is delivered online and consists of a series of video lectures, hands-on exercises, and interactive quizzes. You can access the course materials at any time and work at your own pace.

    • Yes, our course is suitable for beginners.

    • Yes, you will receive a certificate upon completion of the course.

    • It is a Recorded batch.

    • You will get the resources in the course with which you have to practice.

    • The course is in Hinglish.

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