What Our Students Have To Say

Maanav Joshi

"Your workshop is very helpful for students who are aspiring to get their dream job. It is the right path that everyone should take before the results only. The practice sessions were very helpful to build our confidence. Overall, it was a great great experience."

Yaksha Bora

"it made me aware of what things I need to do to land a dream job, it forced me to come out of my comfort zone and think beyond, it also helped me to gain confidence."

Vrutant Gabrani

"This is the perfect one-stop solution for Getting Ready for Placements. Hats off to Shivam Sir and Umang Sir for creating such great content and giving it to students. Such great resources, useful technical and aptitude test, the Campus List, the Mentors, the Networking, truly the most worthy session I have ever attended. Thanks, CA Monk😁"

P.S.: I really feel you should charge more for this course. This is so very real value for money😅"

Aishu Lachhiramka

"This workshop helped me to get an understanding that where I stand in comparison to my peers. I got to know what are my areas where I will have to work and improve. The facts told my Umang Sir and Shivam Sir were very practical as well as motivating, which helped me to work hard for myself. Mock GDs also helped a lot."

Ruchika Wadhwani

"The Workshop has helped me understand how the interview processes are actually held, what are my weaknesses, how I have to improve on them, made me learn with the new peers."

Kalpana Singh

"It has taught me how to prepare for my dream company job and what skills and qualities companies look for in a candidate which will help me to enhance my skills and bring the best out of me."

Saloni Grover

"1) Valuable Resouces
2) Complete preparation at one place
3) Practice Sessions
4) Networking
5) Reviews and feedback from External parties/Industry Experts
6) Personal doubts addressed"

Rishabh Gangwal

"I have learned new skills and I'm feeling confident after completing this workshop. Also, it has given me the direction as to what areas to improve and how to groom myself for getting my dream job."

Priya Kawale

"This workshop has helped me to come out of my comfort zone. There were many things which I didn't know about job interviews which I got to learn here."

Sakshi Gupta

"The workshop has made me realize the extent of preparation required to crack a dream job. The most precious takeaway is the pro-tips provided which is so important but we somehow miss out on those had we been independently facing interviews."

Dimple Nagpal

"This workshop is the best course I have come across. Became aware of many things and got to know how to proceed with the placements. Got to learn various aspects and how to prepare for the interviews. These sessions just make me introspect and make to research many things at the same time. Best platform!

Would definitely recommend it to all the aspirants"

Dhruvik Sheth

"It has helped me to identify areas which are important in the selection process and work on it without having to find the best way of doing it - it all has been provided to me by the workshop. Also, peer interviews and mock GDs are a great way of preparing ourselves and making the first mistakes in a closed environment rather than exposing ourselves during our placements."

Jaykishan Agarwal

"The workshop has helped to understand the interview process in detail and has also provided a platform to practice and prepare me for one of the most dreaded processes of group discussion. Moreover, since the process has become online, this workshop has helped me to know and practice attending online sessions through Zoom and prepare myself beforehand for any interruptions that may occur during an online interview (eg. internet connection problem or device issues)."

Khushbu Dalal

"It has helped me increase my confidence level and my resume presentation. Also, it has made me put in efforts at a time no one actually starts preparing, which would have been quite difficult to do on my own."

Chirag Kela

"The GIR workshop has enabled me to identify the domain in which I want to make my career. It has further helped me in preparing for the interview process right from resume to GD & PI."

Kriti Agarwal

"Helped me work on my profiles, get a better reach, scale-up my Resume, and most importantly - helped me a lot in driving away from my fear of public speaking by good GD sessions and mocks."


"It helped me in developing the thought process for Group Discussion and Interviews very well in advance so that I can have time to prepare in the best possible manner to fetch my dream job."

Sweta Kumari

"It has given me a platform where I did brush my knowledge as well as I have learned many new things related with GD and interview. It boosts my communication skill, guide me in selecting the right domain, etc. it has helped me a lot in many ways."

Rishabh Agarwal

"It helped me in many fields. It helped to increase my confidence level. To help me properly structure my thoughts while speaking. To find out my weaknesses and overcome them. To be prepared for what is coming forward. To develop some good habits. To get an insight into what an actual interviewer wants. To overcome the fear. To create a network. To understand people from different backgrounds and analyze their ideology. And in many more ways."

Shubham Sonar

"It showed me where I stand. Gave me an opportunity to up my game. Chance to better prepares me. An offered structured way to go about the placement process."


"It has given me a complete understanding of the interview procedure. Further, it has helped me proactively build all the skills and documents required for the interview. The pertinent of all is that I am confident for my interview."

Anjali Jain

"It made me believe that being from a small firm doesn't mean that we cannot get our dream jobs and roles. By improving skills and working them on with dedication and consistency, there is nothing we cant achieve."

Vijay Laxmi Yadav

"Just one-stop solution. If you can learn this much in 4 days, how Lucky they are who joined CA Monk just after Exam Or doing an Internship here. I would love to be part of CA monk as an intern."

Vamsi Krishna Desu

"The workshop has helped in various aspects. It also reminded the areas where I need to work upon further before attending the actual interview. THANKS, A LOT to CA Shivam Palan, Sir😍😇 Throughout the workshop, he is speaking endlessly without getting tired and also solved many doubts at the same time. Your efforts are very much appreciable👏🙏"

Pankaj Jain

"Before this workshop, I never used to talk in a group of 20-30 people but now I started talking to more and more people and connecting with them. "

Neha Badlani

"I learned a lot, majorly I started reading economic times, listening to podcasts on business stories. ( the medium for me to get my dream job & co.) "

Karan Jivnani

"Attaining more confidence and overcoming my hesitation and fear of expression, While helping with different rounds of interview preparations."

Vaibhav Rajdev

"Overall it was a great workshop; the most valuable thing I got from here is a good connection that most CA aspirants require. "

Mohit Sunil Rohra

"It helped me to be well prepared for the potential mistakes that one can make in the actual interview where the stakes are high."

Prachi Mittal

"The practice of GD and interviews helped me build up my confidence. Also, it helped my resume take a complete 180° turn for the good. "

Nitish Gupta

"The workshop has helped me realize the importance of putting forth your skills, knowledge, and experience in a more structured way. "

Shubhank Sharma

"With the help of this workshop, I can understand the complete area of selection and interview processes and where I might be lacking. "

Nirav Radadiya

"It helps me to structure my answer as well as thoughts process. Also, help to remove the fear of public speaking to some extent."

Animesh Davate

"The workshop has given me a concise, complete guide on approaching the job-seeking and securing process. "

Priyansh Agrawal

"It has helped me overcome my anxiety for my preparation, talk freely, and increase my networking. "

Jai Gupta

"This workshop made me aware of the processes for a job. And force me to prepare for the same in a good way systematically. "

Riya Jain

"It helps me to know about the improvement which I need to do in myself, and how to proceed for preparation of the interview. "