from Students

Shivam sir has been helping his students in a very efficient manner, it has boosted my confidence to appear for tests and find confidence academically.

— Aakriti Rastogi

Shivam Sir is the best I could ever learn from. His Risk Management lectures increased my confidence in the subject

— Aashma Shrestha

Your efforts towards your students are highly commendable and motivate us to keep working hard.

— Abhimanyu Rajpurohit

Your books are effective and I noticed while giving the test that I can find anything in the book within a minute! Your lectures helped us to connect between the chapters. Thank you BOSS!

— Abhishek Aggarwal

Exam oriented tips are too good and the lectures helped a lot to understand the subject

— Adharsh.C.Satheesh

Sir I got inspiration from you through your podcast then I choose to change my elective paper from economic law to RM.

— Ajay Sharma

Sir, I got to know in your last lecture that you are just 22 and I was so inspired to see such maturity in your thoughts at such an age. You are so talented and kind. The lectures were amazing and easily accessible. I am from Ranchi and I also find myself inclined towards start-ups and recent working cultures rather than a conventional desk job. Hope I clear CA soon and I will definitely try to seek your guidance as to how to proceed further.Thank you, sir.Wish you all the success in life.You definitely have earned a lot of blessings!Congratulations Shivam Sir

— Aditya Poddar

Before knowing about your lectures I had already made a lot of effort in RM and I was pretty sure and I was also aiming to score something around 80 marks, but after getting to know about your lectures from one of my friends I was surprised to know that even RM is being taught as any other subject. After watching one lecture, I binged the whole thing and realized my improvements in tests and saw improvements in the area where I was lagging. The confidence that I build up post your lectures is exceptional. You are putting in amazing efforts and I hope to be like you someday. Salute to your efforts. Thank you so much.

— Abhishek Kanoongo

Sir, Dil se bol too aap bahut acha kam kar rahe ho warna koi faculty all over india interest nahi leta student ko itna padne me . Dil se salute he sir app . Lecture Super se Upper
सर, दिल से बोले तो आप बहुत अच्छा काम कर रहे हो, वरना कोई फैकल्टी पूरे हिंदुस्तान में स्टूडेंट्स को पढ़ाने में इंटरेस्ट नहीं लेती। दिल से सैल्यूट है आपको। लेक्चर सुपर से भी ऊपर

— Abhishek Patidar

Notes are very well prepared, especially the mapping sheet. So I am thankful to you for sharing your RM knowledge free of cost. Further, the test which you conducted till now was very well-drafted. It is really helping me to keep in touch with this subject. Thank you

— Ajinkya Wani

The lectures are helping me in understanding the complex sentences framed in the module. Also, I developed more interest in the subject.

— Akash Jain

He is teaching very well. It is easy to understand what he is saying and it benefits us a lot

— Akash Sharma

Sir randomly calls students and asks about studies and gives guidance to them which you consider necessary after talking with Sir. This will increase the student’s confidence and will make you beloved more by him and references made by him.. Thank you.!! Hope I may get that random phone call from you..! Literally too much thankful to you for making my RM subject scoring in exams.

— Akshat Gupta

Sir, please keep on guiding me on how to answer the paper and how to easily trace the answers. Thanks for the efforts!!!

— Akshaya Ajgaonkar

Thanks for the wonderful lectures.

— Angana Atul Shah

Thank you so much Sir for your efforts! Aapki classes lgake and tests krke yeh talsali hogyi 80 score krna mushkil ni h. Aur yeh tricky questions toh ek baar dimaag hila dete h, but ab paper me jake mushkil ni hogi.
आपकी क्लास लेके और टेस्ट करके ये तसल्ली हो गई की 80 स्कोर करना मुश्किल नहीं है। और ये ट्रिक सवाल तो एक बार दिमाग हिला देते हैं, पर अब पेपर में जाके मुश्किल नहीं होगी
— Ankit

Sir, This spirit is invaluable and I am looking forward to working with you on this wonderful journey of change.

— Ankit Laddha

I decided to go for self-study for risk management… I read the first chapter after reading that, I thought why don’t I search youtube for lectures..then I found your lectures.After attending your lectures somewhere I got confidence.I have done 3 lectures with the help of ur lectures…many more to go..thank u so much, sir

— Ankita Mittal

I am happy to take your lectures. You are helping a lot through your lectures and MCQs. Thank you very much.

— Ankur Joshi

Thank you so much for your efforts. Definitely helped to increase the confidence level and subject knowledge. Would like to stay connected and if possible, work with you in the future.

— Anurag Jain

Lectures “set clear expectations”…and about sir, he is just amazing

— Aparajita Agrawal

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